Filtration solutions made to order by FILTRACON®

FILTRACON® delivers individual filtration solutions for industry – whether for oil mist, smoke or dust, our expertise in keeping air clean means that you have found the right partner in us.

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We cannot live without air! Industry, transportation and agriculture all release pollutants into the environment that are harmful both to nature and to human beings. Air pollution affects all of us – and every company can play its part in protecting the environment and its employees and in keeping the air clean.

Employee protection

Because the health of our employees is important to us

Environmental protection

Because there is only one planet earth




Members of the Thal-Gäu-Bipperamt Industry and Trade Group use their skills and conviction to advocate free enterprise within the framework of a social and humane market economy.They support efforts for the promotion of professional training and further education and the retention of jobs. They work together with local and cantonal authorities to address economic questions.

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Three new memberships at once

We are committed to the well-being of employees and the environment. To ensure that our message is conveyed on a broad basis, FILTRACON® is involved in three new associations. These are the ARCM, the CEP and the SSC.
Our presence in these various associations enables us to identify trends, developments and challenges more quickly, particularly in terms of air pollution control and employee protection, and to provide appropriate technologies at an early stage.


The goal of ARCM is to promote cooperation between manufacturers, suppliers and users of microtechnical means of production of the Jura sheet. Why?
The pooling of development projects allows you to innovate while reducing risks and investments, without compromising your knowledge and idiosyncrasies.
We are convinced that collaboration and exchange of know-how is a very effective way for our globally unique region to compete in the highly competitive international market.
ARCM offers a neutral and simple platform with access to a network of development projects and high value added events.

ARCM - your partner for cooperation. Let us shape the industry of the future together.


The Bernese Jura Chamber of Public Economy (CEP) is the most important economic institution in the region and one of the most important players in the industrial Jura Arc. Founded in 1980, the CEP has more than 800 members and brings together companies, municipalities, associations, schools, trade unions and private members. With seven thematic commissions that include representatives from business, industry and the trades, as well as delegates from associations and the education sector, the CEP covers all aspects of the regional economy.
The diverse composition of its members and its organizational structure make the Bernese Jura Chamber of Public Economy (CEP) the legitimate representative of the regional economy, its think tank and its project manager.

Looking to the future, the CEP intends to carry out its mission at the regional, cantonal, federal levels, as well as in the media or according to the needs that potentially affect its members.


Founded on October 5, 1924, the watchmakers' association, the Société Suisse de Chronométrie (SSC), aims to highlight the know-how of all trades in the watchmaking industry. In a world where innovation is crucial, the SSC is a real platform for information, exchange and exploitation of knowledge. It is also the link between the various educational institutions and the watchmaking industry.
With more than 1,400 members, the SSC brings together mainly watchmakers, technicians, engineers and professionals, as well as companies in the sector.

The SSC is moderated by a board of directors and a committee. The members of these committees represent the different Swiss regions, institutions and watch companies.


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